Vitality Float Spa

Vitality Float Spa is a diverse spa offering several different services for relaxation and recovery, including but not limited to, float therapy, massages, and cupping. Their float therapy is an incredible experience that involves (unsurprisingly) floating in a large tub designed to reduce the distractions of lights, sounds, gravity, and tactile sensations. This is perfect for meditation and nourishing the connection between your mind and body.


Why We Love Vitality

Floating. Massage. Sauna. Facials. Energy Work. Whatever you’re in the mood for to help you calm down and chill out, Vitality has got you covered! Our second GS Nation Recovery Week is with the awesome folks over at Vitality! All of our members receive the option to book massively discounted massages, sauna, spa, and floating sessions. Floating in particular is an AMAZING experience, allowing you to relax both your body and your mind… Vitality is one of the premiere spots in Richmond to enjoy it!