Episode 22 - WHOOP! Therrrrrre it is

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave talk about Dave’s all time favorite fitness tracker, the WHOOP! Obviously there's a bunch of stuff out there on the market... we've pretty much used and tried it all. WHOOP is the 24-hour wearable fitness tracker that Dave has been using for the last 15 months or so that has taken his athletic ability to the next level. So listen up, and we've got a code coming at you to get you your first month free!

Time Stamped Shownotes

  • 2:29 - What type of individual could benefit from using WHOOP?

  • 3:45 - So… What is WHOOP anyway??

  • 6:39 - Defining HRV & RHR & their relationship to fitness

  • 7:53 - Why Dave originally decided to try WHOOP

  • 11:08 - Sleeping with a grounding mat & tracking the results

  • 13:02 - WHOOP tracks both recovery AND daily strain / activity

  • 14:20 - What do you do if you’re “in the red” and are scheduled to train?

  • 17:49 - Code for your first month free! ($30 off!)

  • 18:45 - Our athletes are seeing BIG improvements in fitness by using WHOOP


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This week’s question is: What type of fitness tracker do you use, if any???