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Episode 18 - Rest, Regenerate, Recover - The Importance of Recovery Work

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave discuss the role and importance of recovery in our overall workout programming.. what we want you to do this week to fully rest your mind and body as well as what we want you to continue to do throughout our build weeks & our upcoming test week to stay fit and healthy. If you’d like to follow our custom workout programming in our mobile app, purchase a membership and download our app to get started at As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. Let’s do this.

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Episode 8 - "Recovery" with Kenzie Korman of Vitality

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, we interview Kenzie Korman, owner of Vitality Float Spa here in Richmond, Virginia. Kenzie and Dave actually went to highschool together, so it’s really cool to see the growth over the past 15 years. We discuss Kenzie’s favorite “failures”, holding multiple jobs to fund her dreams, and what impact means to her. We do a dive deep into recovery techniques like floating in a sensory deprivation tank, cupping, massage therapy, and entrepreneurship in general!

You're only as good as your ability to recover, and the best ability is availability. So there's a lot of great things that you can glean from this podcast…

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Episode 7 - "Over-training vs. Under-recovering"

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary & Dave talk about the difference between over-training and under-recovering, two things that can show up in your body in a very similar way. We define both, give examples of each, and discuss how you know which category you may fall under. We also discuss a couple of recovery techniques that you should be utilizing every day, whether you want to be an elite athlete or whether you just want to look good, feel good, and show up better for everyone else around you!

Our next episode with Kenzie of Vitality Float Spa dives deep into this topic as well, so be sure to check that out too! Enjoy!

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