Episode 20 - Motivation is Bullsh*t... Or Is It?

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave get into a bit of an argument on whether or not motivation is bullshi*t! Hint… they disagree :) Given that we are about 6 weeks into the year, most people have “failed” their New Year’s Resolutions. Cary and Dave discuss ways to get back on track, the difference between motivation and inspiration, whether motivation is BS or not, as well as teasing the next big GS Nation build phase of training! We also discuss the new “Mindset Reset” group coaching that drops next month! This is a good one yall. https://apple.co/2U17bsd

Time Stamped Shownotes

  • 2:00 - Are you still going with your New Year’s Resolutions? Why not?

  • 4:48 - The difference between motivation and inspiration

  • 5:48 - The role of discipline in this equation

  • 7:45 - So, is motivation BS or not???

  • 9:34 - Micro motivations to help keep moving forward

  • 16:17 - So what if you’ve fallen off the wagon? What do you do?

  • 19:04 - Mindset Reset coaching

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This week’s question is: So, what do you think? It motivation BS?