Episode 10 - "The American Dream and the Foundation of Movement" with Vincent Vu of Kinis

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Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave have an amazing conversation with Vincent Vu, founder and CEO of Kinis, a local RVA company that specializes in barefoot training footwear. This American Dream fairytale begins with Vincent fleeing South Vietnam with his brother and mother after the war, finally ending up in Richmond, Virginia. We discuss the entrepreneurial hustle, purpose, creating a brand from scratch, and the importance of strengthening your feet as the foundation for stability throughout the whole body. We both got goosebumps numerous times while listening to his story… we hope you enjoy!

Time Stamped Show-notes

  • 3:15 - Have you ever seen a child run?

  • 4:00 - Fleeing South Vietnam for the first time in 1990

  • 13:15 - 50/50 - you either make it or you die.

  • 20:45 - Starting High school in America speaking ZERO English

  • 24:18 - Education as a way out of the corn fields

  • 28:30 - How an injury and “Born to Run” led to the creation of Kinis

  • 34:45 - Determination: a step beyond curiosity

  • 41:00 - The problem with modern footwear

  • 50:10 - The most comfortable sock you’ve ever worn

  • 56:42 - Getting blackmailed in China

  • 1:01:45 - Vincent’s vision for the future of Kinis

  • 1:05:05 - Going back to Vincent’s “Why”  

  • 1:10:56 - Did Vincent ever think about “failing” and why?

  • 1:14:01 - Vincent’s definition of Impact

  • 1:18:01 - Mindset, Positivity, and The American Dream

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This week’s question is: What’s your favorite “failure” and how did it drive you forward?