Episode 19 - Working Out Every Day for Three Straight Years

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Coach Dave Robinson hops on the podcast solo to reflect on and discuss the three year Streakiversary - 3 straight years of working out Every. Single. Damn. Day! Dave discusses his motivations for The Streak, his first failed attempt, trials and tribulations along the way, as well as his continued motivations and observations surrounding his success! He also drops some tips and tricks for how YOU can apply lessons from The Streak to your life practice as well. Hope you enjoy this special, reflective episode. https://apple.co/2U17bsd

Time Stamped Shownotes

  • 1:56 - Failing the first time Dave tried to do the streak and why

  • 3:34 - Why setting an unattainable goal can actually work!

  • 5:15 - Naysayers, Haters, and Shit-Talkers ;)

  • 6:02 - Dave’s motivation for continuing The Streak

  • 6:42 - Trials and tribulations along the way

  • 9:00 - Celebrating accomplishments and milestones along the way

  • 10:13 - Tips and Tricks for YOU!

  • 11:42 - “I’ll quit tomorrow…” aka never, EVER stop

  • 12:46 - Listen to Dave on the Beyond Macros Podcast here!

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This week’s question is: What would change your life if you did it every single day?