Episode 5 - "Earned Confidence vs. Cockiness or Bravado"

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Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave discuss confidence... More specifically, the difference between bravado or faking it and truly feeling confident in who you are and the person that you are becoming. We both dive deep into our personal confidence as well as the work that we put in to get to where we are. We discuss how confidence is sexy and how YOU can build authentic, true confidence. If confidence is something that you've struggled with or continue to struggle with, you're going to really enjoy this podcast.

Time Stamped Show-notes

  • 1:40 - When Cary feels most confident

  • 2:30 - How confidence relates to mindset

  • 4:25 - Authenticity and doing the hard work

  • 12:11 - Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk and how the body leads the mind

  • 13:50 - How Dave first began developing his confidence

  • 17:04 - The comparison game is the worst!

  • 19:35 - How YOU can build confidence

  • 24:57 - Confidence is sexy

  • 26:08 - Thriving vs. Surviving

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This week’s question is: When do YOU feel most confident?