Episode 11 - Auxoro, The Voice of Music with Founder Zach Grossfeld

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Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave chat with Zach Grossfeld, the Founder of Auxoro,  a news media company dedicated to giving music artists and industry pros a three-dimensional platform to share their story and connect directly with fans, in their own words. This episode was really cool to record because both Dave and Zach started their respective businesses right around the same time. We discuss the backstory of when Zach interviewed artists such as Wyclef Jean and Jess Glynne, as well as discuss Zach’s major musical influences, daily routines, and overall inspiration. You’re going to love it!

Time Stamped Show-notes

  • 2:00 - What exactly is Auxoro?

  • 3:15 - Speaking “Auxoro” into existence over Chicken Parm

  • 9:45 - Zach’s first interview with the DJ duo “Two Friends”

  • 15:39 - Auxoro is mission based - the beginning of an obsession

  • 18:30 - Interviewing Jess Glynne & Wyclef Jean

  • 29:45 - Mac Miller, mental health awareness, and the “self care series”

  • 35:40 - How Zach’s relationship with music has changed over time

  • 44:27 - Who is Zach’s dream interview and why?

  • 48:07 - Cold showers and how fitness has helped ground Zach

  • 52:14 - How Zach got into meditation for the first time

  • 58:12 - (inhale) “I am well”, (exhale) “I am happy”

  • 1:03:27 - When you start loving yourself, the world starts loving you back

  • 1:06:12 - How Zach defines “impact”

  • 1:09:40 - Zach asks Dave when he knew it was time to go ALL IN with GS Nation

  • 1:14:22 - Solo travel and life lessons

  • 1:20:05 - The entrepreneurial pregame

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This week’s question is: What is your relationship with music? How has it changed over time?