Episode 21 - When Anxiety Strikes... KEEP GOING!

Episode Summary

“Sometimes in life, there are things that are bigger than us.” In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave were GOING to have a QUOTE OFF… instead, Dave woke up with some crazy anxiety. He discusses what that’s like and ties it back to the last episode, “Motivation is BS… Or Is It?” Cary then hops on with some beautiful, powerful perspectives on anxiety, mental health, the grind, being a leader, and how to keep moving forward! Give this a listen y’all and share with your friends here!

Time Stamped Shownotes

  • 0:45 - When anxiety strikes! A different format for today

  • 4:00 - Discipline overrides Motivation on days like this

  • 4:49 - If you’re hurting, reach out!!!

  • 7:00 - “Sometimes in life, there are things that are bigger than us”

  • 10:41 - It’s about doing things to make a difference in this world

  • 12:15 - Passion can sometimes be overwhelming

  • 14:42 - Why Cary believes wholeheartedly in Motivation

  • 17:58 - You are loved, admired, and we believe in you and your dream

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This week’s question is: What do you do if / when anxiety strikes?

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