Episode 15 - AM or PM? What To Do When

Episode Summary

In this episode of The GS Nation Podcast, Cary and Dave piggyback on two previous shows and discuss nutrient timing, circadian rhythm, and the ideal time of the day to train in order to optimize your workout and performance. No matter what your training or body composition goals are, this episode includes tips on how to maximize your output.  

We also chat about what to eat before, during, and after your workouts depending on how you train, where you are in your athletic journey, and what your specific goals happen to be.  

Time Stamped Shownotes

  • 3:00 - The optimal time to strength train and why

  • 4:45 - The optimal time to do cardio

  • 6:59 - Morning movement is so valuable

  • 7:12 - Listen to Dave on the Beyond Macros Podcast about The Streak

  • 12:00 - Replenishing glycogen stores

  • 16:45 -Don’t worry about nutrient timing if you’re eating the SAD diet


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This week’s question is: AM or PM workouts and why??