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Here at GS Nation, we've teamed up with dozens of local RVA companies & health practitioners as well as many national brands to provide our members with major discounts on ALL things health and fitness. Click on the categories below to explore our partnerships!

If you'd like to discuss ways of working together, please email us




Procabulary builds fun, simple and easy to use tools that help you discover direction, purpose and turbo-charge every goal – from the smallest daily task to life’s biggest dreams.

“My mission is to help people create more powerful, more fulfilled lives using the power of better words and stories. Procabulary is the language of getting things done.” - Mark England, Founder, Procabulary

The mission of this company is to dramatically reduce the amount of unnecessary stress and drama in the world and to create more powerful, happy people as a result. Procabulary offers courses, coaching and life events worldwide. As Mark says, “With Procabulary, the conversation – with ourselves and each other – has officially been changed.”


Why We Love Procabulary

The stories we tell ourselves end up becoming our truth… it’s magical, and IT’S TRUE!!!! Language is SUCH a powerful tool. The powers of what we say to ourselves and to others may be wielded for both good and evil, positive or negative. Learning from Mark has done so much for my personal life, business, and professional racing career. Two months after I set my goal of “I’m going to win a Spartan Race in 2018”, I accomplished that goal. I cast a spell, with my words I created my future.

Learn from Mark on Friday, November 11th from 5:30 - 7 pm at a FREE 2019 Goal Setting Seminar at Gather in Scott’s Addition. Also, check out Mark’s Website and use code “NEXTLEVEL” for $100 off Core Language Upgrade!

Email us or his us up on social media for more details! #keepyourstreakalive


Kinis - Barefoot Exercise is better

Being an avid athlete, I suffered from chronic ankle and knee pain. I tried pair after pair of running shoes but nothing helped, so I looked elsewhere. After reading "Born to Run", I realized there was never anything wrong with my feet, there was something wrong with the shoes I was wearing. We buy sneakers for cushion and comfort, but running shoes actually cripple our foot strength. They don’t activate the muscles in our foot or allow us to move freely the way our bodies were designed to. 

 Knowing that, I decided to try barefoot training. The transition was grueling, and I knew there had to be a better way to train my feet. I started designing a different kind of barefoot training sock, that could help you gradually transition to barefoot exercise; and the Nomad was born.

 In 2016 we launched in Richmond, VA, and we’ve been partnering with fitness experts and designers since then to develop the Nomad and other high-performance footwear products. We hope you join our barefoot movement and realize your body's full potential.  (Vincent V.)


Why We Love Kinis

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”, said Leonardo Da Vinci - Put them on display! We were born to move like this; to grip the ground when we walk, to stand firm, to tread quietly… it’s in our DNA. Being barefoot removes one more barrier between us and our earth, taking us one step closer in our connection with the natural world. Kinis is a local RVA company making moves in the fitness industry. Kinis barefoot socks allow you to move naturally, improve balance and form, and build stronger legs and feet. - USE CODE “GS10” for 10% off ALL products.

1717 East Cary St Richmond VA 23223


I’ve been blown away with GSN’s customized coaching experience. I’m hitting goals I had been treading on for months. The extra encouragement along with a custom tailored workout guide has been the exact push I needed to get back in gear. Watching Dave kill it every day on his own journey has been so inspiring. I highly highly recommend signing up for a personalized program. You won’t regret it!!

Events & Seminars

I struggled with will power, commitment, and determination. This GSN program and the surrounding community are changing that day by day. My journey is a long slow climb, but nothing can stop me with the GSN family supporting me all the way.

The GS experience created and cultivated by David lent me so much more than just a healthier lifestyle. It gave me a completely different perspective on attitude, mindset, and progress. Nothing changes over night, but the encouragement and support of my GSN Coach and other the program members is truly special and significant.


After following a customized training and nutrition plan for a few months now, I’ve seen huge gains in strength and metabolic conditioning. Making the switch to train with GSN to prepare for the upcoming OCR race season was a great opportunity.
Let me just say my GSN Coach is the most positive individual I have in my life. He is dedicated to changing not only my physical appearance but my mindset as well. The community is geared toward making you a better you and holding you accountable to meet your goals. I am stoked to be a part of this Get Strapped movement and hope more will join the community to improve their health and take that knowledge to others...

BioHacking & Recovery

What started as a plan to participate in the OCR world, became an overall mindset shift focused on always striving to be the healthiest version of myself. I needed someone in my corner who was genuine and unwaivering in their belief in me, until finally I started to believe in myself. In my first 12 week plan I cut 10 pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle. It isn’t just about what you feed your body, but also focuses on what you feed your mind and that had the biggest impact on why I stuck with it and will keep coming back.