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At Airrosti, the focus is on accurately diagnosing the root cause of your pain, then fully resolving that pain as quickly as possible - often within only 3 visits. Result is the main focus, not funneling you into a long-term treatment or pain management plan.

Airrosti is different than other treatment options you may have experienced that include a very patient-centric approach to musculoskeletal care. Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently experienced an injury, the goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and back to doing what you love. The quality-care approach means spending significant one-on-one time with every patient (one full hour every visit) to accurately diagnose and resolve the source of your pain. You will also be given both guidance and education that you can use at home to speed your recovery. This targeted approach leads to rapid recoveries, lasting results, and helps most patients avoid the high costs of imaging, pharmaceuticals, and even surgical procedures.


Previous Event:

Dr. Christina Seibert met with our members and taught us how to increase flexibility, blood flow, and circulation, while reducing injuries or pain. We utilized the foam roller, lacrosse ball, and orb, all of which may be found on our recommended gear page! She'll keep you doing what you love doing... we promise!


4th of July 7.4k

The race starts at 7:30 am, and will go from Clover Hill High School, through the neighborhoods of Brandermill, and back. Click here to register and get more information. GS Nation members use the code "GSNation" when registering to receive $5 off!


Crossfit Pushin Weight

CrossFit Pushin Weight is Powhatan’s first CrossFit facility. We serve the Powhatan, Midlothian and the Greater Richmond community with the mission to provide the most effective and efficient fitness program in the area.

Our regimen is the Sport of Fitness—we combine elements of sports of all varieties and create constantly varied workouts that are consistently challenging, never dull, and always rewarding. Regularly testing the limits of your physical and mental abilities is the best way to push past those boundaries and transform your body and mind!


Past Event: 8/19/18

STELLAR workout session at this month's Featured Gym, CrossFit Pushin Weight! The squad threw down with a Team Challenge... teams of two tackled the following workout with a 30 minute time cap. Part 1) Ascending Ladder - Strict Barbell Press & of a Kettlebell Goblet Squat. Part 2) AMRAP with 10 reps each of the following: parallette dips, box jumps, weighted sit ups, 10 calories on the assault bike, and v-ups... HUGE thanks to Coach Emine for such a kick-ass workout as well as Coach Ashley Jenkins of CFPW8 for having out our squad!

1565 Oakbridge Dr. Suite C, Powhatan, VA 23139



Downward Dog Dance, Yoga & Wellness is an all-inclusive and affordable dance and yoga studio for friends and families. They offer a variety of dance and yoga styles, along with wellness modalities for healing the mind, body,and soul. 


2nd / 4th Sundays

At 5 pm every 2nd and 4th Sundays, Downward Dog hosts GS Nation for their Gooey Sundaze Restoration Yoga class. This is a suuuuuuper chill, restorative class with blocks, boosters, and bands to help you ease into your stretches and loosen up those tight muscles you spent all week working out! We have a special rate for GS Nation members - $5 drop in!


What is Endorphasm?

The moment during physical exertion when you feel anything is possible. Clarity. When your music is loud and your pace quickens. When every nerve is alive and your greatest passion is front and center, strengthening your body and spirit. Endorphasm poetically captures what so many of us have struggled to put into words. Endorphasm transcends all sports and physical pursuits. Endorphasm is a culture, a movement. It’s what we are all after. How powerful was your endorphasm? The power of the feeling. The feeling of the power.


Past Event: 7/30/18

On Monday, July 30th, THE LEGEND Erica Porter of Endorphasm invited our squad to both the 5:30 am & 6 pm for their F.I.I.T. For Duty class. We had about 20 GS Nation members out between the two workouts and boyyyyyy were they a doozy! Erica is one of the best trainers in Richmond and she. kicked. our. asses... She never programs the same workout twice, so we hit intervals, tabatas, supersets, circuits, and Lord knows what else. GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!! 

2510 Wayside Drive, Richmond VA 23224




The Float Zone is a local Richmond spa that specializes in float therapy, which involves floating in a large, enclosed tank meant to block all outside distractions. It's fantastic for spiritual and mental recovery, and enhancing the connection between your mind and body. The Float Zone's dedicated founder, Dr. Berv, brings welcomed expertise to the table; when you come here for your recovery, you can be sure you're being taken care of by someone who knows what they're doing.


GSNation Event:

Coming Soon!


Why we love HGX:

We've partnered with Richmond's premiere locally prepared meal service to bring delicious and healthy meals delivered directly to your door. No matter what GSN workout track you are on, HGX has a perfectly complimentary meal plan to help achieve your fitness goals. They even offer Ketogenic, Pescatarian, and Vegan meal options. Best of all, GSN members recieve their meals for only about eight bucks per! Why meal prep when you can just eat?!?!? Think about it...


Dave just looooooooooooves shoes. Loooove loooove loooove. He's got more sneakers than his girlfriend does. And Inov8 is one of his favorite places to get them (sneakers, not girlfriends). In all seriousness, Inov-8 makes HANDS DOWN, FEET UP the best lifting, trail running, and OCR shoes on the market. Dave wears the X-Talon 200 and will never go back to another racing shoe. Extremely lightweight, world class traction, and a large toebox means your runs will be as comfy as you want to make them. 

Integrative Health focuses on personalized, holistic methods of recovery. They provide acupuncture, functional medicine, lab work and analysis, and classes that educate on various health and wellness topics. If you are dealing with a specific issue that Western medicine hasn't solved, OR you want to ACTUALLY get to the SOURCE of the problem as opposed to mask the symptoms, go see Tressa. GSN Members get a discount on your initial consultation! 

Tressa Breindel

At IHR, each person is treated as an individual. Your medical history and records are thoroughly reviewed, and a detailed Personalized Plan is written for you. Your Personalized Plan may include acupuncture, Functional medicine, herbology, diet, lifestyle, mind-body and nutraceutical therapeutic interventions. Each patient gets to decide what measures they want/are able to enact at this time, and the plan is then optimized to suit your needs. Tressa is an absolute genius when it comes to functional medicine and helping to fix you from the inside out - HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you go see her!! 

2206 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 23224



Invigorate Cryo is a great place to get your recovery on. They specialize in cryotherapy, or cold therapy, which is a quick, dry, non-invasive and effective way to ease pain, reduce soreness and boost energy. NOTHING is more refreshing than 3 minutes at -200 degrees :D

Previous Event:

On Monday, June 18th at 6 p.m., Invigorate Cryo will be hosting a GSN workout outside of their facility. After the class, they will be offering whole body cryo sessions, FREE for GS Nation members. You should definitely come experience this! 

*Bring extra pair of dry (not sweaty) underwear to change into after workout/before cryo

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Island Yoga Flow - 1st / 3rd Thursdays 

Every first & third Thursday, our fantastic yogi, coach, and trainer Ravi McPhee will be hosting a recovery-focused yoga flow at his studio, Island Yoga Fitness. If you haven't checked out a bit about Ravi, head over to "Our Team" and read more about him! He's an absolute yoga STUD, and shares his passion in such an incredibly smooth, spiritual, and soothing manner. Sign up on our schedule page! 

$5 for GSN members
$10 Drop-in rate for non-members

Island Yoga Fitness is a great place to exercise not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well. They take a holistic approach to fitness, and offer all kinds of classes, from yoga, to cycling, to weightlifting! Work out in a group with friends, or in personalized one-on-one training with one of their devoted trainers. Located JUST outside of downtown RVA with access to all the major highways of the city, Island Yoga Fitness is super convenient and a truly joyful place to better your mind, body, spirit, and soul. 



"I feel like that my calling, my gift, and the talent I have is that I really help you get better and continue to be able to workout / do what you love to do! Can’t wait to meet you... stay strapped!" -Alyssa Dillaman

Alyssa is a Licensed Massage Therapist who received her training at Centurra College, a two year massage therapy program in Richmond, Virginia. She has been working in the Massage field since 2012. Her training includes Deep Tissue, Cupping  Therapy, Swedish, Prenatal, Sports, Strength and Stretching , Aromatherapy, Reflexology along with other massage techniques . Alyssa is passionate about teaching her clients on how best to avoid injuries and helping them to understand what has caused the aches and pains. Philosophy: "If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you! A balanced lifestyle and a reliance on something bigger than yourself brings true joy and peace to your life.


Why we love Mint:

Alyssa is a PHENOMENAL massage therapist... she knows her anatomy top to bottom and actually DIGS IN to break up adhesions, scar tissue, and muscle fascia to get you back to doing what you love.... which is, of course, getting more strapped. Dave sees her before and after every Spartan race that he runs! 


1811 Huguenot Rd. Midlothian, VA 23113



Dave likes Moosejaw a lot because mooses (meece?) are really strong and jaws are also really strong. Plus their logo is red, almost like his beard. But seriously, when we're talking about a one-stop-shop for all of your favorite outdoor and adventure gear / apparel, you can't beat the meeces (mooses... whatever). 


Plank RVA is a high energy studio that offers classes implementing a dynamic tool called the Megaformer. These classes are high-intensity, low-impact, and build on all areas of fitness, from flexibility, to strength and endurance! This is a great place for intense and rewarding workouts!


GSNation Events:

Coming Soon!

10809 west broad street, glen allen, va 23060



Power Systems is a leading provider of fitness and performance products for professional settings and home gyms - recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for creating an extraordinary customer experience, complete product selection, and fast delivery.


Is it food for the sun, or food made from the sun? Either way, it's hot.


Titan Fitness specializes in Fitness & Strength Training Equipment.  They feel you should be rewarded for your fitness-conscious efforts with effective products that won’t wipe out your bank account. That’s why they ensure all of their fitness and strength training products are affordable and DURABLE. We use their slamballs, deadballs, barbells, trap bars, prowlers, sleds, etc... ANYTHING you need to own for a while, purchase here. 


The TRX provides a total-body workout for men and women of all ages and fitness levels with just one piece of equipment that is easy to set up, use and store. TRX products are made by Fitness Anywhere, which designs and sells original products of innovative design and premium quality construction. Dave travels with his personal TRX suspension system - it's light, pack-able, durable, and versitile. 


Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of the world's finest wild seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and sustainable line-caught practices. Most of us in the Western Hemisphere are chronically inflamed due to an Omega 6 / Omega 3 fatty acid imbalance. Eating fresh, wild-caught seafood packs an Omega 3 punch!!

Vitality Float Spa

Vitality Float Spa is a diverse spa offering several different services for relaxation and recovery, including but not limited to, float therapy, massages, and cupping. Their float therapy is an incredible experience that involves (unsurprisingly) floating in a large tub designed to reduce the distractions of lights, sounds, gravity, and tactile sensations. This is perfect for meditation and nourishing the connection between your mind and body.


Why I Love Vitality

Our first GS Nation Recovery Week was a huge success, in part due to the awesome folks at Vitality! All of our members received the option to book massively discounted massages, sauna, and floating sessions. Floating in particular is an AMAZING experience  and Vitality is one of the premiere spots in Richmond to enjoy it!