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We don't mess around when it comes to helping you achieve your goals, create the best version of yourself, and earn whatever it is you want most in your life. WARNING - you will experience mind-blowing workouts, extreme transformations, increased energy and life-drive, plus incredible personal growth!

What’s Included?

Monthly Memberships

  • 7 days per week of goal-specific workout programming, modified for beginners / intermediates / advanced athletes!

  • Video + Text instruction plus at your fingertips communication with your coach through our mobile app!

  • Multiple group workouts per week plus special pop-up workouts with many with RVA’s leading fitness studios!

  • Access to our nutritional guidelines, sleep guide, quarterly accountability & goal setting seminars, and more!

  • Discounts on tons of local + national brands and products, many of which center around recovery and wellness!

  • You get to be a part of one of the coolest squads around… filled with positive, life-changing individuals like you!


Mark England

“David Robinson is a BEAST and helps his GS Nation members get the results they want. Why? Because he leads by example, knows what he is doing, and cares deeply about the people he trains. Want to get a badass body and train with really cool people? Join GS Nation.”

Mark England - Co-Founder of Procabulary & Enlifted, TEDx Speaker, World Traveler

We have the solutions to your problems!

  • Don’t know what to do in the gym / don’t want to mess with your own programming? Our leading mobile app delivers daily, goal specific workout programs to your phone, with video + text instruction

  • Tired of working out alone / like to work out in a group setting? We have a team of kickass coaches and trainers who lead kickass weekly workouts, #humpdayhills is our favorite

  • Ready for less drama and more good vibes / haven’t felt part of a team in years? We are a community unlike any you’ve ever been a part of - we deliver high-fives, hugs, a good attitude, and PR’s

  • Need accountability to stay consistent / don’t know how best to accomplish your goals? Our coaching and personal training programs are life-changing and come at a steep discount over non-members

  • Want to save some money on health and wellness products / like exploring what’s in town? We’ve partnered with TONS of local and national gyms, studios, brands, and providers to give you the best deals

  • Not local to Richmond, VA / want to work remotely while you travel for work or vacation? The best part? You don’t even have to be local to RVA! With our app & online group coaching, you’re all set ;)

IF you are TRULY ready to transform your mind, body, and habits… WELCOME! We're stoked to have you in the squad.


In-App Monitoring & Programming

People hire personal trainers for two reasons - 1) accountability & 2) direction. Our app solves both of these potential problems, providing workout videos + text instruction based on a rolling 12 week, goal-oriented program.

Whether you want to put on muscle, are aiming for general fitness, want to become the best athlete you can be, or are just getting started, we've got you covered! Also access our online support groups of like-minded peers who are also undergoing a mental and physical transformation like yourself. Our app is available for both IOS and Android devices.

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