Recommended Gear

"Toys make everything more fun" - Dave Robinson

No matter how or where you workout, a crucial part of getting strapped is having good equipment. Having your own tools (toys) makes a quick workout convenient—and it makes those excuses a lot harder to come up with. Sure, the gym is so far away... but your kettlebell is right there, and it doesn't take that long to do a few squats and swings!

We've picked out some things that we love and think are must-haves for reaching your goals.


Weighted Vest

Weighted Walks / Loaded Carries are just about THE most functional thing you can do for fat loss and overall fitness... plus, it's recovery friendly and efficient! Look trendy while mowing your lawn or walking your dog with an adjustable weighted vest. For women, you want it to hold at least up to 30lbs. For men, it should hold at least up 50lbs. Read more in our article on weighted vests!

inov8 shoe.png

Inov-8 X-Talon 200

Inov-8 makes HANDS DOWN, FEET UP the best training, trail running, and OCR shoes on the market. The X-Talon 200 is Dave's shoe of choice for both training and racing. It is incredibly durable, super grippy, and the wide toe box allows your toes / feet to splay naturally resulting in better foot feel. You'll never go back to another running shoe again, we promise. If you're into Obstacle Course Racing, Inov-8 is the official sponsor of the 2018 OCR World Championships in London. 



Swinging and squatting are two of the movements that we encourage the most. You can add pressing and lunging and pulling and carrying to the list as well.  Adding a nice heavy kettlebell into the mix will really help you out. They are extremely versatile tools - shoot for one 45lb bell or maybe a pair of 35's and a 53lb kettlebell.


Camelbak Rogue 

If you're going out for long runs, hikes, day trips, or just get super thirsty... you may want to think about bringing along a hydration pack! Camelbak is the industry leader here and the lightweight Rogue model provides justtttt the right balance of a big enough bladder for your water / intra workout fuel as well as convenient pockets for your phone, keys, gels, snacks, or Ipod Shuffle (people still use those, right? Nope.. just me.. good talk...) 


TRX Straps

It only makes sense, right?? Straps to get you strapped! We love this portable piece of equipment that you can hang up practically anywhere and get in a full-body workout. The suspended bands force more utilization of the core and smaller, stabilizer muscles as well. TRX makes a popular and durable product.

foam roller.jpg

Foam Roller

The foam roller is a crucial tool for your mobility and active recovery days... it feels great and aids faster recovery. We think that It's important for your foam roller to be high density as a softer foam won't allow you to really get in there and go to work. When you find a good spot, stay on that area for 30-45 seconds or as until discomfort begins to lessen. 1-2 minutes per muscle group will do the trick!


Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse balls are the perfect density and size for you to get hyper focused on specific "hot spots" in your body, like your hamstrings, upper back, and bottoms of your feet. We recommend the three pack so you can duct-tape two of the lax balls together in a "peanut" shape in order to target your psoas and hip flexors! Be sure not to roll over connective tissues or directly on bones / joints!


Fitbit Wifi Scales

At more than a hundred bucks, FitBit scales are overpriced. They don't offer any crazy features, and are no more accurate than any other wifi scale out there. But they do offer one key advantage for GSN members: a seamless integration of body weight and fat % tracking directly into our App. Of course you can weigh and track your measurements manually within our app, but with a Fitbit Aria or Aria 2 scale, all of that data is recorded and synced for you automatically. Hey, convenience matters, right?? Though we prefer the mirror and a measuring tape for tracking body stats, it's nice to know you're trending in the right direction once or twice a month.

the orb.jpg

The Orb

A little bit more focused than a foam roller, a little bit less focused and intense than the lacrosse ball... frankly, if you're going to choose ONE recovery / mobility tool, this may be the one to go with for the versatility. Good for getting into areas like the glutes and quads, you'll love the effectiveness of spending a quality 10 minutes with the orb once every other day or so.


Fitbit Trackers

While not the most robust system on the market, Fitbit has been producing some great fitness trackers for over a decade. The latest versions even offer features akin to an apple or android watch like text messaging, Music & Video, and GPS tracking. There are many styles and features to choose from, and any version you select will sync seamlessly with our App, but for getting the most out of the data you collect, we recommend a model that includes resting heart rate as well as sleep tracking. Waterproofing is nice if you plan to do A LOT of watersports or swimming, but for most people, a water resistent unit like a Charge 2 will work just fine.