The Man in the Glass - Reflections

"...The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass... he's the fellow to please, nevermind all the rest, for he's with you clear to the end. And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test if the man in the glass is your friend." - Dale Wimbrow Sr.

I shared "The Man in the Glass" poem in our "Thirsty Thursday's" exclusive members only email last week. If you missed it or aren't a member (yet), I've posted a two minute video for you here - check it out before reading further. 

It's funny how your own reflection catches your attention. You see it passing by in a random car window and quickly turn to take a glance... you may find yourself in front of a body of water, gazing out over the horizon while looking down at the ripples distorting your figure. Most of the time, we are never quite able to bring everything into clear focus. As humans, we spend plenty of time in front of mirrors - grooming, getting ready, and double checking that we look "put together" enough to go interact with society. We use it to check our progress, to remind us how far we've come and how far we have yet to go. We like to think that the glass in the mirror is perfectly clear, that the mirror never lies.... but it does.

As much as we love catching our own reflection, most of us hate looking at ourselves... and I mean REALLY looking at ourselves. The vast majority of the time spent in front of the mirror is completely superficial and can be outright dangerous if your head isn't in the right place. Rarely do we stand in front of a mirror or catch our reflection and REALLY feel ourselves, like a "DAMN girl you lookin' SO fine today" type feel. That confidence is hard to come by, a very fleeting feeling to many of us. Confidence is built built through consistent, hard work and the language we use when we speak to ourselves, about ourselves. Confidence comes from being true to yourself and your values, your TRUE, INNER self. It comes from doing the right thing... remember, no more arguing what a good man is... be one. 

Next time you're in front of a mirror, get into a staring contest with yourself. Look yourself in the eyes. What do you see? What do you believe about the man or woman staring back at you? Are you proud of where you've come from and what you've overcome to be able to be standing in front of that mirror? Are you being true to yourself? Are you lying to yourself? Where can you get better, today, in this moment? 

Sometimes, the hardest conversations to have are the ones that require you to speak to the man in the glass. In the end, it's THAT fellow whose verdict counts most in your life, and bonus points if that man is your friend.