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Heroes Get Remembered; Legends Never Die

Discipline is everything. Discipline gets you up in the mornings and puts you to bed on time at night. Discipline keeps your circle of friends strong, and keeps you leveling up. Discipline keeps you on your clean eats, on your training cycle, on your grind. Discipline is what creates champions, not motivation, not inspiration, not cute little phrases like "don't quit", and "grind on" and "keep your streak alive". No one is perfect here, not you... not I... not Mr. Phelps himself in his prime.

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Motivation is Bullshit

Motivation is bullshit. Motivation means nothing at 9:40 at night. Discipline is everything. I've made a commitment to myself, and I'm not going to let the streak die on day number 940-something either. Day #1,000 is November 9th, 2018, and there will be a party. You're invited. I plan on having a damn good time, and I'm not going to spoil that today.

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