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OCR World Championships - 3k Recap

Europeans DO NOT mess around when it comes to obstacle course racing, it is WILDLY popular over there (much more so than in the States). I saw so many teams, countries, jerseys, personalized gear.. love it. This was SUCH a competitive race, the best of the best. There were about 2,000 racers and EVERYONE had qualified to be there and earned their spot, amazing competition. I am so happy, joyful, grateful and inspired.

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OCR World Championship - 15k Recap

Other than my 50 mile ultra-marathon, I am more proud of this race than any other I’ve ever run... performing so well on such a massive, world stage is my greatest athletic accomplishment to date. I threw down a time of 2:11, good for 95th overall in my age group. I went in hoping for a sub 2:30 finish and top 100 in my age group, nailed both! So happy to be able to do this and I can’t wait for next year 😁

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