OCR World Championships - 3k Recap

It’s been more than a week since the first race of the OCR World Championships and I’m still riding that high of competition. I absolutely LOVE this sport, and being at the pinnacle of #OCR was unbelievable.

I’ll start here - the Europeans DO NOT mess around when it comes to obstacle course racing, it is WILDLY popular over here (much more so than in the States). I saw so many teams, countries, jerseys, personalized gear.. love it. I got to the coral early and they sent us off in waves of 10. It was a dead sprint from the start and I quickly got to the front of my heat. After that, things got VERY real VERY quickly. I crushed the wreckbag carry, passing about 10 people. Then it was a gauntlet of grip with no less than 1 dozen overhead grip obstacles seemingly back to back, none of which I had ever seen or done before. There were a couple of instances where I had to wait behind a few people or figure out what the hell to do, but I never stopped moving forward and sprinted basically the entire race - no one ever passed me running 💪

The last 1/4 mile started with a very heavy carry but I was able to keep my position. After that, there was the only obstacle that gave my any trouble and I had to attempt it twice. At the OCR World Championships, there is a mandatory obstacle completion and no option for penalty laps like Tough Mudder or burpees like Spartan Race. You can try any obstacle as many times as needed, if you really can’t get something you “lose your band” and are designated as Did Not Complete (DNC). I kept my band.

I was neck and neck with a guy for at least half the race and was able to out-sprint him at the finish line... and I mean SPRINT. This was SUCH a competitive race, the best of the best. There were about 2,000 racers and EVERYONE had qualified to be there and earned their spot, amazing competition. All in all, ecstatic with my time of 29:19, my effort, and my placing of ~ top 1/3 in the world at this distance regardless of age group.

Initial thoughts? I am so happy, joyful, grateful and inspired. Regardless of where I placed, I am very proud of myself and my effort. I gave 100%. . I threw the F down, and I know I can do better. 💪💯