OCR World Championship - 15k Recap

Other than my 50 mile ultra-marathon, I am more proud of this race than any other I’ve ever run... performing so well on such a massive, world stage is my greatest athletic accomplishment to date. It was an amazing course - flat, fast, run-able in all sections, through fields and forests, with long spaces between 100 obstacles! It was well spaced, well officiated, and all in all a fantastic venue and course design.

I had 100% obstacle completion and zero retries, a big deal in such a long and arduous race. I always moved forward and was able to push the pace throughout. 20 seconds into the race, I found myself with a silly, ear-to-ear grin on my face as 100’s of races barreled past 100’s of spectators cheering us on. That smile popped up so many times on the course on that perfect fall day. It was amazing to be able to run and exhibit endurance, strength, agility, power, balance, speed, and mental fortitude all at once.. truly a gift come true.

I was much more comfortable on the obstacles and in general during the 15k vs the 3k - I threw down with zero wait time or any time wasted. I feel like the race flew by even though it was a constant grind. I’m so happy with how I ran, how I competed in general, and how much fun and joy I had in doing it. The only two things I can control in races is attitude and effort and both were top notch. I haven’t felt that good in a race in a long time. I’m still riding the high!

I threw down a time of 2:11, good for 95th overall in my age group. Out of 2,003 male Pro and Age Group qualifiers, 1,225 finished the race and 778 were designated with a DNC, meaning they couldn’t complete an obstacle, did not finish, and lost their band. I finished 527th overall. Frankly, I’m freaking stoked with my time and my placing... I went in hoping for a sub 2:30 finish and top 100 in my age group, nailed both! So happy to be able to do this and I can’t wait for next year 😁

OCRWC 15k.jpg