Heroes Get Remembered; Legends Never Die

Last week I wrote about why I believe that "motivation is bullshit", and I've received a fair share of pushback regarding that sentiment... I'd like to clarify. I'm not AGAINST motivation or inspiration, at all... In fact, I think both are vital. In the beginning, motivation is everything. 

Motivation and inspiration are often both required in order for you to START something hard, something great. You see something on YouTube, hear something in a song that fires you up, watch a friend do something you wish you could do, finally listen to the voice deep inside of you that says "do it"... and THEN you act.  

You sign up. You do that first workout. You eat that first clean meal. And then another, and then another. You stay up late finishing that project. You go to bed early to get your required sleep. You start believing in yourself. You have early successes. People begin noticing the changes in your behaviors, in your confidence, in the way you carry yourself, in your body, in your mindset. "It's working!", you think to yourself, and that keeps you going.

But then it starts to get hard. The changes slow down, maybe even stall, maybe even begin to head the other way, the WRONG way... You start to get sore, a bit too sore for comfort. Maybe you're a little banged up. Your salad is dull, the grocery store too far away, Uber Eats is a bit too convenient. You skip the extra work on that project to watch the second half of the football game. You go to bed late because you're up scrolling your IG feed. You see other people doing better than you, with more natural talent than you have. You start doubting yourself. 

So where's that motivation now? Are you still inspired? A couple weeks in, a couple months in, 2.5 YEARS into your goal... are you still fired the F up every single day to do what you set out to do? HELL NO. Not every day, at least. It is in this time, this place, that motivation is complete and utter bullshit.

Discipline is everything.
Discipline gets you up in the mornings and puts you to bed on time at night. Discipline keeps your circle of friends strong, and keeps you leveling up. Discipline keeps you on your clean eats, on your training cycle, on your grind. Discipline is what creates champions, not motivation, not inspiration, not cute little phrases like "don't quit", and "grind on" and "keep your streak alive". No one is perfect here, not you... not I... not Mr. Phelps himself in his prime.

But remember - the higher you aim, the smaller the room for error. We are playing a major stakes game here... you get one life. What are you doing with it now? What are you going to do with it in the future? Will you be 80 years old, on the front porch of the nursing home swinging away in a rocking chair, wishing you had signed up, stepped out of your comfort zone, done that thing, gone to that place, talked to that girl, quit that job, ran that race??? REGRET is my greatest fear, and I take steps every single day to make sure I know the answer to those "what if" questions. 

I implore you to do the same. Do it for the 80 year old version of you... You'll never regret trying... and what if you actually pull it off? Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart, kid, you'll never go wrong.