Don't EVER Ring the Bell

"If you want to change the world, don't ever, EVER ring the bell." - Admiral William H. McRaven

Before you read any further, please watch this one minute video. Watched it? Good.
Don't ever, EVER, ring the bell... (well, unless you're running a Spartan race and then you DEFINITELY want to ring the bell haha) But seriously, what does "ringing the bell" mean? It means you quit. You quit fighting. You quit striving, sweating, bleeding, yearning, working for your goals. You won't catch your dreams if you ring that bell... Yeah, you'll be warm, cozy, and much more comfortable than you are now... but if you ring the bell, you didn't earn it. You looked your fears in the face and backed down.  Sometimes, it's the hardest thing in the world to take one more step. Do it anyway. 

I shared the following post below on Instagram (@getstrappedstaystrapped) on last week. First of all, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your positive support and response. This isn't an easy topic to discuss, and I appreciate the platform to do so because I believe it is VITALLY important. We all have bad days. We all go through shit. Sometimes, the people who seem to have it all together, the brave ones, they're the ones that need help the most. We all fight our battles, that's why KINDNESS and EMPATHY and GRATITUDE are such special traits. Smile. Give high-fives and hugs. You never know who's struggling, fighting, grinding, digging to NOT ring that MF'in bell. I promise you one thing, I'll never ring that Son of a Gun. I know you won't either. GRIND ON.

"So I had a panic attack during yoga yesterday ... full-blown, massive weight on my diaphragm, can’t control my breath whatsoever, omg I gotta get the F outa here panic attack (SOS!!!)... spent a couple minutes in the “omg what is wrong with me, this is supposed to be peaceful, I’m SUPPOSED to be able to be strong and control this” mindframe... then beat myself up a bit for NOT being able to control it... but nah bro, it doesn’t work like that...

A good friend of mine and author wrote- “time doesn’t heal as much as it buries things in the under-growth of your brain, where they lie in wait to ambush you when you least expect it”. Yep, spot on. As much as we try to do what we are SUPPOSED to be able to do, sometimes we can’t control our thoughts, sometimes our demons get the better of us, sometimes those things you buried come back to punch you square in the mouth when you least expect it, leaving you a little shell shocked with that familiar yet unfamiliar metallic taste of blood in your mouth. Sometimes that’s life... Which brings me back to this picture (blog post picture).

I love this photo. There’s ~300 lbs of ice in that tub, ~40 degrees, and there is Coach Cary smiling as wide and bright as can be. Ashley of Crossfit Pushin' Weight and I are wearing our #BAMF bracelets. I made mine during a period of major doubt, anxiety, and insecurities (similar to now). I don’t talk about mental health enough in general, let alone my own. I’m SUPPOSED to be strong AF, I’m supposed to be unbreakable... but sometimes there are cracks in the armour, and that’s why I love this bracelet. My friend Amy of Super Fun Yoga Pants started this movement, and this bracelet does a great job of reminding me that I’ve been through worse. I wish I were wearing it yesterday bc it reminds me who the F I really am.... I am a MFin’ badass, for many reasons, and oftentimes not the ones you may expect.

Here’s the best part.. YOU are a BAMF as well! We all are trying our best, fighting our battles..Keep working, grinding, toiling away in the darkness. Then emerge into the light and fucking shine. I lost yesterday. I’ll win today. #GRINDON

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