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Spartan / OCR Race Guide

No matter what, stay positive and KEEP GOING. Stay in the moment. Find a mantra that works for you and repeat it over and over and over and over again. In the US Championships in August, mine was “My legs are strong. My lungs are strong. My heart is strong. I am enduring”. I repeated that for almost 3 hours. Over and over and over again. If you like it, use it. If you don’t, find yours and make it your own. GO HAVE A BLAST! 

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Strength Training for Women

The vast majority of the clients I work with say something along the lines of - “I just want to look better and feel how I used to feel when I was younger & healthier”. By consistently applying some of the principles of a proper strength training regimen, you’ll soon be much closer to that physical and mental happy place… and in time for summer to boot! Check out a few of my major tips and tricks when it comes to strength training for women in this post.

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Fasting for Three Full Days (72 Hours)

The more voluntary suffering you introduce to your life the less involuntary suffering affects your life – “well this isn’t as bad as that time where I didn’t eat for three whole days”. I think life is about continuous learning and improvement, proving to no one other than yourself that you are capable of some crazy, impressive shit. If I am, you definitely are. We all are.

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